EdSuspended was launched in 2019 to explore issues of school discipline, safety, and the implications of each for equity in education. Grounded in empirical academic research, EdSuspended leverages multiple mediums to explore cutting edge issues of discipline/safety policy and practice and their implications for students.

EdSuspended is curated by F. Chris Curran, PhD. Dr. Curran is an associate professor of educational leadership and policy at the University of Florida’s College of Education and director of UF’s Education Policy Research Center. Previously, he was an assistant professor of public policy at the UMBC School of Public Policy where he taught in the education policy and evaluation and analytic methods tracks. He is a former middle school teacher and department chair.

Dr. Curran has observed the implications of exclusionary discipline and safety/security policies from the front lines as a teacher. His ongoing research explores these issues systematically, examining the role of zero tolerance policies, the use of law enforcement in schools, and teacher victimization. His work particularly focuses on how issues of discipline and security can differentially influence students of color and those from other traditionally disadvantaged student groups. More on his work can be found at www.fchriscurran.com